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The passion of the wine grower

The winegrower's passionate task embarks him down a life-long path, where his every gesture, from the vine to the wine, requires perfection and spiritual implication.

The choice of grape variety, the orientation, the planting, and then the long years of caring for the vineyard, culminate in producing the long-awaited fruit we have the honour of ennobling into wine.

Indissociable from the passion and love for our work, this biochemical transformation calls for respect and admiration for nature, climate, and for all those who sewed wheat in the surrounding fields, trod the grapes, preceding us from the age of self-sufficiency to modern times, bequeathing a magnificent heritage and the essential gestures which are the very origin of our rural life and civilisation.

The finesse and diversity of our wines today, are more than the product of our vineyard and our labour, they are also the fruits of our past.



Stefaan Massart

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